Descriptor tables dumper (dtumper)

This small utility can dump your GDT, LDT and IDT descriptor tables and detect your version of VMware/Xen/Kqemu.

-- Julien TINNES, Fri Dec 30 20:30:48 CET 2005

DTdumper 0.1.3

dtdumper v0.1.3

- This is a small utility to dump your GDT, LDT and IDT tables and print descriptors
- Use make obsd on bsds systems
- This userland version will not work with VMware/Xen/Kqemu running on a non VT-able
processor but should print out your VMware/Xen/Kqemu version. If not, please help me
to fill the database and send me an e-mail ;)
- Some privileges are needed if you intend to dump some table. Getting the
tables' addresses or detecting VMware/Xen/Kqemu does'nt require any privilege.

- Julien TINNES